LPMA Vision 2012 Safe Harbour Project

LaSalle Park Marina Wavebreaker Environmental Study Report (ESR) - Minister's decision, July 21, 2015

LaSalle Park Marina Association (LPMA) release

The Board of Directors of the LaSalle Park Marina Association are pleased to report that the Hon Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment & Climate Change, after due and careful consideration of the City of Burlington's LaSalle Park Marina Wavebreaker Environmental Assessment / Environmental Study Report (ESR) tabled July of 2013, has on Tuesday (July 21, 2015) made a decision with respect to the Study Report and the Part II Order Requests for an even more detailed Environmental Assessment.

The Minister has signed off on the LaSalle Park Marina Wavebreaker Environmental Assessment / Environmental Study Report (ESR), declined the Part II Order Requests for a more extensive Environmental Assessment, and issued workable conditions which will allow the proposed project to move forward to the detailed construction level engineered design phase.

As we go forward, LPMA is committed to working with agencies and stakeholders to ensure compliance with the Minister's wishes in furtherance of the goal of a true Safe Harbour for Burlington, boaters, the community, fish, birds, wildlife and the environment.

We thank the Minister for his learned decision, Eleanor McMahon MPP, Ward Councilor Rick Craven, the City of Burlington staff and council, the consultants, agencies and stakeholders involved as well as those who have expressed concerns. 

The proposed project will bring benefit to all. We are committed to following process.

On behalf of the LPMA Board Management team, thank you.

Kindest regards,

John Birch, LPMA President

About the Marina and Association

  • City of Burlington's Open Public Marina.
  • LaSalle Park Marina is owned by the City of Burlington.
  • LaSalle Park Marina Association built, administrate and maintain the Marina under a Joint Venture Agreement with the City.
  • LaSalle Park Marina opened spring 1981.
  • LaSalle Park Marina Association is an unpaid, all volunteer, not for profit Corporation officially incorporated April 16 1982

LaSalle Park Marina Awards

  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association are an international Blue Flag Eco Award Certified Marina, the first on Lake Ontario
  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association are also top 5 Anchor Platinum Eco Award Certified
  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association were the first top 5 Anchor Eco Awarded Marina anywhere. The Award was presented by the Federal and Ontario Ministers of the Environment at CCIW in 2005
  • LaSalle Park Marina and Association were presented the City's Community Accessibility Committee BUILD Environment Award in 2013 for it's support of disabled sailing and Burlington Able Sail

 More information and updates on the proposed project, including the Minister's decision

LaSalle Park Marina Wave Break Study


Vision 2012: Executive Summary

Vision 2012 Endorsements 

Vision 2012 -  Letter to the city of Burlington Community Services Committee

Vision 2012 City Links:

Full City Council Minutes of Meeting September 7, 2010

City Update Announcement Specific to LaSalle Park Marina EA (Page 2): http://cms.burlington.ca/AssetFactory.aspx?did=21032

Public Info Centre May 15 2012 Consultation ~ LaSalle Wavebreak Options Display Panels: http://cms.burlington.ca/AssetFactory.aspx?did=21300

Environmental Assessment Process

Public Information Centres (PIC) Consultations

The process is rigorous; thorough; and has resulted in the consultations and addressing matters from a wide variety of enquiries, including the Trumpeter Swan group at LaSalle, in addition to a number of public inputs arising from two well attended Public Information Centres (PIC).

PIC I May 15 2012 Presentation Panels  & Summary of May PIC I Q&A


PIC II August 21 2012 Presentation Panels & Summary of August PIC II Q&A

Openness and Transparency

The entire EA process including the PICs, have been fully public and all information has been posted on the City’s Website found under Project’s & Initiatives – Environmental Assessments – LaSalle Park Marina Wavebreak Study.